Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chase Nightmare

So, I used to bank with WaMu. Happy with them, no problems, friendly service. Now, though, with Chase, I expected some problems. There've been a few, but today's debacle tells me I need a new bank.

I've got a small business and have a business debit card. It stopped working (was rejected, despite there being plenty of money in the account). It's not expired, just doesn't work.

So, I called them up. Got bounced to EIGHT different people, including one who wanted to transfer me to a division I'd already talked to! I took down the phone number which is how I knew it was a repeat.

Throughout the call, the audio quality deteriorated until at the end, I was practically shouting to be heard.

This is simply not the way to do business. Each representative told either "oh, that's a WaMu account, I have to transfer you" or "Oh, that account has already been converted to Chase, I'll have to transfer you".

No one even came close to solving my problem.

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