Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

Today's contests could bring us closer to decisions on presidential candidates. The real answers won't come until January though, when the new president is sworn in and the agony begins. How to end the Iraq conflict (is it a war if Congress didn't actually declare war?), how to fix the mortgage crisis, the health care crisis, and the coming employment crisis. Fun fun fun.

I'm for a balanced budget. I'm for assisting other nations in crisis, but against getting involved in their internal affairs (so long as they're not invading us). I'm all for universal health care, but not provided by HMOs. I'm against a generic mortgage bailout, but all for increasing standards in the mortgage industry.

Which candidate do I support? It's tough. There are some strong, determined, people on the campaign trail this year.


bauhaus_sea said...

hey there! Just popping over to say 'hi'!

I agree with you on these points; it's tough to make a decision with this one, though I lean very conservative fiscally (socially I am moderate).

I don't really see any of the leading candidates as fiscal conservatives, so I am at a loss here.

Clean ClutterFree Simple said...

We had our state precinct caucuses today; I was one of a minority of Clinton supporters. Good turnout for Obama. At this point, anyone looks fiscally conservative when compared to borrow and spend Bush!

Thanks for stopping by! :-)