Friday, February 8, 2008

Tracking the Spending: Focus on Food

Last month, I kept track of our food spending. Grocery store, warehouse, dining out, coffee, all of it noted down. Turned out for the month we spent just about $500. We didn't eat out much at all, a few lunches, snacks and coffees. No major dinners, no ordering in.

So far this month, we've spent about $125 (I've been rounding to the nearest dollar). That includes one small warehouse trip, a few lunches out and a produce delivery. I was hoping to keep it to $400 for this month, and that's more than the first week's amount should be.

Curious about the produce delivery? I decided to try getting a bin of produce every other week, both for health reasons and to keep myself out of the grocery store. The fewer reasons I have to browse the less I'll spend. We'll see if it ends up saving money. It has already enhanced our diet: last night's dinner? Roasted butternut squash with a lacinto kale-chicken-bacon-sage saute. Delicious! The day before? Shrimp with baby bok choy and broccoli in white wine sauce with brown rice. The shrimp were frozen, from Costco, purchased in December and still tasty!


Sleepynita said...

Wow I wish we had a produce delivery option like that here. If I could get milk and produce delivered each week I would totally be out of the store and saving money!

Clean ClutterFree Simple said...

You might have one! Safeway actually delivers in some areas, and there are small companies that delivery produce and more cropping up all over. Locally here we have New Roots Organics for produce, for groceries, Pioneer Organics for produce and other groceries just for a few.