Friday, April 4, 2008

Kitchen Cost Update

I haven't worked the full numbers to date yet, but here's my estimate of what we've spent so far. Numbers are rounded for ease of calculation (since I happen to have a napping 4 year old on my lap:-)

Vestfrost Fridge: $1000 (the biggest expense so far)
Kenmore Dishwasher: $125 (used)
Unknown Gas Range: ?? (not yet purchased, DH is looking at one as I type!)

Benjamin Moore Paint: $100 (includes some brushes and two dropcloths, most gear I already had)

Countertop & Sink
Kohler Sink: $228 (friend has a friend, yada yada yada)
Formica laminate countertop: $70 Formica and $40 high-grade plywood

Floor Refinish
Christian Brothers Hardwood Floors: $800 (the minimum charge, since our space is pretty small)

Stripper: $80 (money not well spent, stripping was a bad idea)
Misc. tools: $20 (scraper, sandpaper, spackle)

That totals $2463. Not bad for essentially a whole new kitchen. What do you think?

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